The Aging.CC project allows for a simple keyword search of millions of biomedical projects supported by major research funding organizations worldwide.

We use the complete databases of the International Aging Research Portfolio (IARP, www.agingportfolio.org) that include many years of project funding data from the National Institutes of Health(NIH), European Commission(EC), Canadian and Australian research councils and many others. The Aging Reasearch Portfolio system provides a wide range of tools for aging research and uses machine learning for classifying the projects into a project directory, analyzing trends and statistics, etc. These bells and whistles may be a little to complex and distracting.   The main objective of the project is to provide scientists, research organizations and policy makers with a simple tool to find research projects in their area using a simple keyword search. Despite its name, Aging.CC is a search engine of all biomedical research projects, not necessarily those related to aging research.